Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lawndale Elegantly Photographed...

Early in 2006 Roberta Feldman of the University of Illinois at Chicago’s City Design Center and I were having a conversation about communication strategies for utilizing history and culture as a tool to help community residents become more invested and engaged in the community.  I had come to recognize how complex and compelling the Lawndale story is, and thought that this story had to be told.  Perhaps there are many ways to accomplish such an objective, but the consensus was that there had to be “a book.”  …And, that it shouldn’t be any book, but one that would begin to outline the historical narrative in a compelling way.  There had to be great images of the community’s built environment.

 Julie Jadinger produced some of the most hauntingly elegant photographs of Lawndale that I suspect most folks have ever seen.  Some of her photography  follows.


Notice the Lion's head

Tracy and Sherry

Mr. and Mrs. Earls
2100 S. Springfield

2100 S. Avers

2100 S. Springfield

1861 Millard

2100 S. Avers

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